Improved investment environment in Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam has approved 116 new investment projects with a total value of $15.5 billion

According to the “Hanoi Times” report, the capital will also sign a memorandum of understanding with 23 domestic companies and 13 foreign companies at the meeting, with a total value of $26 billion.

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The information was revealed at a press conference on the Investment Promotion Conference and is expected to attract thousands of representatives, including government officials, investors, diplomats and representatives of foreign organizations in Vietnam.

Hanoi is discussing measures with investors to effectively implement projects in the capital and promote development.

At the meeting, it called for investment in 282 projects with a total investment of 21.66 billion dollars, involving housing and urban development, agriculture, industrial production, services and environmental protection.

The vice chairman of Hanoi told the media that organizing this meeting after the COVID-19 outbreak is contained will send a strong message to Hanoi, explaining Hanoi’s efforts to achieve the dual goals of controlling the virus and promoting economic growth.

He said that the capital is determined to become the leading force in Vietnam’s recovery from the coronavirus, and pointed out that it will focus on reforming administrative procedures while further improving the business environment.

Vietnam’s business environment is improving, so investment will become an opportunity.

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