How to name your new business in Vietnam

First, you have an idea for a new business in Vietnam, and now you may want to choose a name for your business-a more professional name.
When you choose a business name in Vietnam, you may have a lot of ideas and inspire your business name. Therefore, we will not provide you with a list of names to choose from, but will provide you with key items to consider when providing your account name.

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The best business names are different and concise. Ideally, it would be something that makes you and your brand stand out from the crowd. You can use a combination of existing words as your company name, or you may want to try to invent a word as your company name. Some of the most well-known brands, such as Facebook, Google, Uber and Instagram, didn’t even say a word even before their business was born.

Familiar with
When you choose a company name, it’s best to be easy to read or familiar. Hope people ask about your company instead of reading the company name.

People often ask you how to come up with the company name or the story behind it, so consider what your business goals make sense and how to create a company name from it. The story behind your company name is an opportunity to connect with people and let them know that you are serious about running a business.

Be smart
When you choose a company name, keep in mind that this will be used for the way customers pay you and will change based on how you organize your business.

If you are an individual businessman, then your corporate bank account is your personal name, you can use “transaction method” (or TA), and then list your business name. If you are a limited company (LTD), then your corporate bank account will be the same as your corporate name.

In addition, when you receive your first customer, you can ask them to pay for your products or services under your company name through an invoice.

Register your company name
After selecting the company name, you need to register the company in the planning and investment department where the company office is located.

Depending on your business type (is it an individual, a company or a joint venture, etc.), there are different registration steps.
Mark your company name
If your company name is the only company name, you may need to register the trademark as a trademark with the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office (IP Viet Nam). This will protect you from other people who use your company name. Better protect your rights.

Before proceeding to apply for a trademark, please conduct a trademark search first to ensure that your company name is not yet used. To search for your company name and register it as a trademark,

With some ideas, you will find a name for your company that represents what you want to do and have conversations with people.
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