How to stand out from Vietnam in business?

How to stand out in Vietnam’s corporate competition? A good way is to conduct a reality check potential customers in Vietnam or anywhere in the world. They may not know you, may not know how strong you are, may not be able to find you, and it may be easier to interact with their existing The service provider keeps in touch. So what can you do?

Vietnam’s corporate competition | Yaxin

key point

Different and easy to find

Designed to provide quality customer service

Determine a way to share all the good things customers say to you

Make sure your employees are your biggest supporters

Don’t think too much about your company name. If it is difficult to remember or simple, it is as important as your business.

Some of the most durable brands in the world, as well as many more modern brands such as Samsung, Apple, Nike and Adidas, whose names have little to do with their business, but simple and easy to implement

Read ideas on how to named new business articles.

Investing in unique signage can also make you more memorable.


If you run a business instead of trying to be the “Jack or Jill of all industries,” then you may become more famous. Focus on the resources currently available in your industry and think about how you can be different to reduce face-to-face competition and develop a niche for experts.

Simplify the way you describe yourself so that customers know exactly what they get. For example, if your core skill is real estate, it may not be worth competing in the broader business field.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing to ensure that you become the top priority for potential customers. Search all the information available in your region and/or industry; spend time on your social media profiles

Provide service

In any competitive market, if you offer the same goods as everyone else, you may risk becoming a commodity, which means that the price of the selected commodity may be lower. Because of the oversupply, the market demand is small.

When seeking to make the level of service you provide higher than that of your competitors, first consider your own provider as a customer.

Make your customers satisfaction

How easy is it for customers to contact you? Is your website easy to navigate? Is your pricing competitive? Do you provide convenient payment methods for customers?

If you consider all the pain points your customers are currently experiencing, then you might be able to think of more ways to differentiate your business from other businesses.

Become a visible member in the community

Supporting local events and sports clubs may increase your visibility-and you can take full advantage of any related functions and events. Remember, people like to do business with people who support the community.

You may find that you can also establish business partnerships through this event, and these contacts may have established close contacts with your potential customers.

Investment culture

If you have employees representing your company, what will they say about you when you are away? Your team members may be your greatest asset and should be the most enthusiastic supporters of your product or service.

Invest in their job satisfaction, which may pay off for the jobs they provide you and their impression of your business. Both good and bad words can be shared through social media, so it is important to have a happy workforce.

Surprise and delight customers

Avoid complacency. Whether it is to provide amazing offers or rewards for loyalty, we always hope to choose new reasons for customers, not competitors, and introduce new reasons.

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