New service for foreign investors to register a company in Vietnam with a single step

According to an article in the World Bank’s “Doing Business Report 2018”, the time to conduct business in Vietnam is 22 days, using 9 different procedures. Based on these procedures we have the following analysis.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, in the context of the “starting a business” indicator in the “Business Environment” report, carried out earlier reforms to register companies, especially the reform of administrative procedures.

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Therefore, Vietnam is considered an attractive investment destination and is favored by investors for its transparency and continuous improvement.

YAXIN combines the procedures for checking the proposed company name; obtains the business registration certificate and investment registration certificate from the local business registry under the Ministry of Planning and Investment. This helps foreign investors register their company step by step through Yaxin’s electronic service.

“The total time for registering a company now is in hours, and the requirement is to provide the required information, such as company name, registered address, registered capital… and the investor’s legal documents. YAXIN will submit a valid file on behalf of the investor. Obtain all the licenses.” said partner Ms. Dove.

Every year, hundreds of companies and individual investors around the world trust YAXIN to register companies in Vietnam because it helps them optimize time and costs. YAXIN not only provides advice on company registration services, but also provides advice on company services, taxation and related regulatory work for foreign companies in Vietnam.

If you invest in Vietnam, you have difficulty establishing a company or need legal assistance. Please contact us: YAXIN is a consulting company with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. YAXIN is also considered to be a Vietnamese company specializing in business information. There are many well-known practice areas in the market, such as labor and employment, banking law, taxation, purchase, sales and mergers, litigation, IPO consulting services and intellectual property. We are confident to provide our clients with the best and effective legal services.

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