Three Popular Business Opportunities in Vietnam

Vietnam has experienced exponential growth in domestic and inbound tourism. Two reasons mainly attribute to this – travel and leisure. With the rapidly growing middle class, local businesses are on the rise as well. Inbound tourism is accelerating each year as more and more international travelers pull towards Vietnam’s timeless charm of sightseeing wonders.

Seeing this as a potential for new businesses, Yaxin offers a way to help set up new companies. So, if you’re looking to register your company in Vietnam, Yaxin assists in providing its services.

Popular business opportunities

Turning a profit-making idea into reality becomes the first challenge before anyone can work to grow a business. There are several formalities required to be fulfilled like establishing legal entities, visa applications, and work permits if you are not from Vietnam. Yaxin helps with this and even gives you a detailed study of the market related to the industry of your business.

However, sometimes the cart may be before the horse! You may have studied the growing market potential in Vietnam but don’t know which business to start. We’re here to share with you three popular business opportunities that you can start right away.

  1. Luggage Delivery : Traveling is frequent in the cities of Vietnam and it can get super crowded at times. While several globetrotters and backpackers travel here, they would require a professional service to help secure their luggage. Your business can solve the customer’s problems of transporting baggage after transit or recovering lost luggage.
  2. Lodging : If you want to offer more than managing luggage; how about the lodging business? Offer a safe and comfortable space for travelers looking for accommodation. You can grow in this business with competitive pricing, room service, and more. Short-term leasing of homes and apartments is trending nowadays.
  3. Transport : It’s an unfamiliar place or maybe they’re visiting a second time. Either way, affordable transport opportunities can encourage a tourist to visit Vietnam more often. Make it easy for backpackers and frequent travelers to move around quickly and comfortably. Eliminate their hassles of looking for last-minute transport facilities. You can also offer the services of a tour guide and if they need a chauffeur to take them around.

How can Yaxin help register your company in Vietnam?

International tourism had shown a surge in footfalls, reaching nearly 14.5 million in 2019. This has resulted in capturing growing demand for tourism-led businesses. That is why Yaxin provides consulting in the entire process, right from registration to taxation, accounting, law, and much more.

To register your company in Vietnam, you will have to submit the following expenditures:

  • Registration fee
  • Passport notarization fee
  • Vietnam Consulate in Hong Kong attestation fee (for Hong Kong companies) / Vietnam Consulate in Singapore attestation fee (for Singapore companies)

For more details, you can contact Yaxin and we will get in touch with you.
WhatsApp: + 86 15361679060

With the years of experience we hold in serving customers, we guarantee you a smooth journey with Yaxin.



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