How to stand out from Vietnam in business?

How to stand out in Vietnam’s corporate competition? A good way is to conduct a reality check potential customers in Vietnam or anywhere in the world. They may not know you, may not know how strong you are, may not be able to find you, and it may be easier to interact with their existing The service provider keeps in touch. So what can you do?

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key point

Different and easy to find

Designed to provide quality customer service

Determine a way to share all the good things customers say to you

Make sure your employees are your biggest supporters

Don’t think too much about your company name. If it is difficult to remember or simple, it is as important as your business.

Some of the most durable brands in the world, as well as many more modern brands such as Samsung, Apple, Nike and Adidas, whose names have little to do with their business, but simple and easy to implement

Read ideas on how to named new business articles.

Investing in unique signage can also make you more memorable.


If you run a business instead of trying to be the “Jack or Jill of all industries,” then you may become more famous. Focus on the resources currently available in your industry and think about how you can be different to reduce face-to-face competition and develop a niche for experts.

Simplify the way you describe yourself so that customers know exactly what they get. For example, if your core skill is real estate, it may not be worth competing in the broader business field.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing to ensure that you become the top priority for potential customers. Search all the information available in your region and/or industry; spend time on your social media profiles

Provide service

In any competitive market, if you offer the same goods as everyone else, you may risk becoming a commodity, which means that the price of the selected commodity may be lower. Because of the oversupply, the market demand is small.

When seeking to make the level of service you provide higher than that of your competitors, first consider your own provider as a customer.

Make your customers satisfaction

How easy is it for customers to contact you? Is your website easy to navigate? Is your pricing competitive? Do you provide convenient payment methods for customers?

If you consider all the pain points your customers are currently experiencing, then you might be able to think of more ways to differentiate your business from other businesses.

Become a visible member in the community

Supporting local events and sports clubs may increase your visibility-and you can take full advantage of any related functions and events. Remember, people like to do business with people who support the community.

You may find that you can also establish business partnerships through this event, and these contacts may have established close contacts with your potential customers.

Investment culture

If you have employees representing your company, what will they say about you when you are away? Your team members may be your greatest asset and should be the most enthusiastic supporters of your product or service.

Invest in their job satisfaction, which may pay off for the jobs they provide you and their impression of your business. Both good and bad words can be shared through social media, so it is important to have a happy workforce.

Surprise and delight customers

Avoid complacency. Whether it is to provide amazing offers or rewards for loyalty, we always hope to choose new reasons for customers, not competitors, and introduce new reasons.

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How to name your new business in Vietnam

First, you have an idea for a new business in Vietnam, and now you may want to choose a name for your business-a more professional name.
When you choose a business name in Vietnam, you may have a lot of ideas and inspire your business name. Therefore, we will not provide you with a list of names to choose from, but will provide you with key items to consider when providing your account name.

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The best business names are different and concise. Ideally, it would be something that makes you and your brand stand out from the crowd. You can use a combination of existing words as your company name, or you may want to try to invent a word as your company name. Some of the most well-known brands, such as Facebook, Google, Uber and Instagram, didn’t even say a word even before their business was born.

Familiar with
When you choose a company name, it’s best to be easy to read or familiar. Hope people ask about your company instead of reading the company name.

People often ask you how to come up with the company name or the story behind it, so consider what your business goals make sense and how to create a company name from it. The story behind your company name is an opportunity to connect with people and let them know that you are serious about running a business.

Be smart
When you choose a company name, keep in mind that this will be used for the way customers pay you and will change based on how you organize your business.

If you are an individual businessman, then your corporate bank account is your personal name, you can use “transaction method” (or TA), and then list your business name. If you are a limited company (LTD), then your corporate bank account will be the same as your corporate name.

In addition, when you receive your first customer, you can ask them to pay for your products or services under your company name through an invoice.

Register your company name
After selecting the company name, you need to register the company in the planning and investment department where the company office is located.

Depending on your business type (is it an individual, a company or a joint venture, etc.), there are different registration steps.
Mark your company name
If your company name is the only company name, you may need to register the trademark as a trademark with the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office (IP Viet Nam). This will protect you from other people who use your company name. Better protect your rights.

Before proceeding to apply for a trademark, please conduct a trademark search first to ensure that your company name is not yet used. To search for your company name and register it as a trademark,

With some ideas, you will find a name for your company that represents what you want to do and have conversations with people.
If you have difficulty registering in Vietnam, please contact us: YAXIN is a consulting company with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. YAXIN is also considered to be a Vietnamese company specializing in business information. There are many well-known practice areas in the market, such as labor and employment, banking law, taxation, purchase, sales and mergers, litigation, IPO consulting services and intellectual property. We are confident to provide our clients with the best and effective legal services.
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Key tips for attracting investors

When you start a new business in Vietnam or anywhere in the world, you need to make investors and customers confident in your ideas. This means that before they invest in you or try your product or service, they will have to decide to buy something for which they lack experience or knowledge. Here are some tips to make your decision easier.

start a new business in Vietnam | Yaxin

key point

Make sure you can clearly articulate your ideas and prepare questions

Take some time to record your financial forecast

Before making a decision, please consider all investment and financial options

Seek professional advice

Communicate clearly

Imagine you are chatting with a stranger at a party and asking what you do. How do you make their business ideas as simple and understandable as possible?

Understand the key points that someone must accept to make a leap of faith, consider any assumptions you want them to make to make your idea successful, and fill in the gaps for them.

Discuss your ideas with a trusted team (such as YAXIN) and friends and ask for their honest opinions and any questions they have about its feasibility. This will help you establish reasonable answers to questions that investors may ask.

It is easier for people to understand your product or service, which is the next logical step in responding to changing consumer needs, expectations and habits. Rather than becoming something completely new on the market.

Confident but realistic

Support your own ideas. Tell your plan from the bottom of your heart, but don’t be confident about the success of changing your mind or your life. Customers and investors will also respond well to your optimism and vitality-but the latter requires your enthusiasm to match realism.

Your finances

If you want an investment partner to be confident in your ideas, then please thoroughly understand your financial situation. You want them to be confident that their numbers and plans can be realized. You also want to set realistic assumptions for finances and have a good understanding of the market you are entering. This can be expressed in the form of cash flow forecasts or cash budgets.

Your investor audience

When you ask people to invest in your business ideas, it’s a good practice to study these people. Understand what they can offer other than investment funds. Also, know how much control you want to maintain over the business so you can understand their involvement.

If you want to raise start-up capital through means other than investors, there are many options. Our 6 ways to raise funds for business growth outlines some common ways to raise funds for startup and growth.

Your business experience

If you are someone who has run a successful business in the past, please have and share this experience and provide as much relevant data as possible. Investors may consider your proven skills and abilities when evaluating whether you need to transform a new business idea into a successful and profitable reality.

If you have trouble investing in Vietnam, please contact us: YAXIN is a consulting company with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. YAXIN is also considered to be a Vietnamese company specializing in business information. There are many well-known practice areas in the market, such as labor and employment, banking law, taxation, purchase, sales and mergers, litigation, IPO consulting services and intellectual property. We are confident to provide our clients with the best and effective legal services.


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Overview and Development of Vietnam Construction Industry

Due to the interruption of COVID-19, the output growth of the Vietnamese construction industry is expected to decelerate to 5.2% in 2020, but after that, the average annual growth between 2021-2024 is expected to be 7.7%. The government’s focus is on improving regional connectivity through efforts to develop the railway, road, and air transportation infrastructure and to promote energy production to support this growth.

In June 2020, the National Assembly passed the “Law on PPP Investment”, gradually regulating investment activities under the PPP model and attracting private investment. The government’s efforts to balance the supply and demand of affordable housing will also generate momentum in the residential sector. Continued urbanization will continue to generate demand for residential and infrastructure development

The residential construction market will maintain a leading position in the forecast and will account for more than 30% of the industry’s total value by 2024. The government’s efforts to narrow the gap between the supply and demand of affordable housing in the country are expected to achieve the predicted market. According to the Ministry of Construction’s estimates, by 2020, the country will need to build more than 1 million affordable housing units to accommodate the growing low. Income population.

The government plans to increase the per capita housing area in Vietnam from 16.7 square meters per capita in 2015 to 25.0 square meters per capita in 2020. Therefore, the government plans to build 1 million affordable housing units by 2020. Therefore, Vietnam has initiated various social housing programs, such as the housing program for poor rural families and low-rent housing for employees in industrial zones. And low-income urban social housing local governments.

The Vietnamese construction market is fiercely competitive, with major international companies participating. The Vietnamese construction market provides growth opportunities in the forecast, and gradually increases to promote market competition. The Vietnamese construction market occupies a considerable share of the minority participants and has a considerable level of integration.

The city has planned to build a Vietnamese version of the Pudong New Area in the First Tim New City on the opposite bank of the Saigon River, build a cluster of Vietnamese skyscrapers, and restore the glory of Paris in the Far East. Vietnam’s construction industry is developing day by day, which is a good opportunity.

Vietnam Construction Industry | Yaxin

Therefore, investing in Vietnam is a good choice. If you want to know more about the construction industry in Vietnam, you can contact YAXIN. We have a professional team and offices in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam. Can help you solve problems at any time, welcome to consult.

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Improved investment environment in Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam has approved 116 new investment projects with a total value of $15.5 billion

According to the “Hanoi Times” report, the capital will also sign a memorandum of understanding with 23 domestic companies and 13 foreign companies at the meeting, with a total value of $26 billion.

investment in Vietnam | Yaxin

The information was revealed at a press conference on the Investment Promotion Conference and is expected to attract thousands of representatives, including government officials, investors, diplomats and representatives of foreign organizations in Vietnam.

Hanoi is discussing measures with investors to effectively implement projects in the capital and promote development.

At the meeting, it called for investment in 282 projects with a total investment of 21.66 billion dollars, involving housing and urban development, agriculture, industrial production, services and environmental protection.

The vice chairman of Hanoi told the media that organizing this meeting after the COVID-19 outbreak is contained will send a strong message to Hanoi, explaining Hanoi’s efforts to achieve the dual goals of controlling the virus and promoting economic growth.

He said that the capital is determined to become the leading force in Vietnam’s recovery from the coronavirus, and pointed out that it will focus on reforming administrative procedures while further improving the business environment.

Vietnam’s business environment is improving, so investment will become an opportunity.

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The top ten countries of investing Vietnam

From January to August 2019, Vietnam’s foreign direct investment (FDI) increased to 11.96 billion dollars. In the investment field, manufacturing and processing industries rank first, followed by real estate, and then wholesale and retail. We research some investment countries in Vietnam:

investment in Vietnam | Yaxin

Hong Kong’s investment in Vietnam accounted for 24.9% of all foreign direct investment.

South Korea ranks second. So far, Samsung has invested tens billions dollars in Vietnam to make Vietnam its global mobile phone production center. LG Electronics has also made a huge investment in Vietnam and established a new production base worth $1.5 billion in the northern city.

Singapore ranks the third, with investments in Vietnam diversified in different geographic regions and fields, including services, processing and manufacturing, and real estate.

China ranks in the top of three. Recently, investment in Vietnam has increased rapidly. The trade tensions between China and the US have had a significant impact on the transfer of Chinese investment. Previously, Chinese investors were mainly small companies with low quality and outdated technology. However, many large-scale projects are now accelerating.

Japan ranks the fifth. With the development of the manufacturing industry, Japan’s investment in non-manufacturing industries in Vietnam, such as retail, wholesale, information technology, and professional support and education, will continue to increase.

The countries next are Taiwan, the US, the British Virgin Islands, Malaysia, France, Thailand, Australia, and the UK, all of which are considered major investors in Vietnam.

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The reasons of invest Vietnam

Vietnam can provide many potentials for foreign investors and is known as the second China. It has been a long time for Vietnam to have today’s booming economic performance. According to the World Bank, Vietnam has been removed from the list of the world’s poorest countries and has become a low- and middle-income country.

Strategic trade contracts put Vietnam in an advantageous position: Vietnam has signed several trade contracts with promising prospects. As a member of ASEAN, Vietnam can benefit from the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) because the country can enjoy lower regional tariffs through the ASEAN’s Commonly Effective Tariff Preferences (CEPT). In addition, Vietnam has very close relations with the European Union and China. The free trade contract between Vietnam and the European Union is expected to be approved this year.

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As we known, Vietnam is a difficult place to set up a company . However, with the revision of the policy and the government’s efforts over the past decade, this situation has improved. Among them, most of the compliance procedures have been digitized. The time for company registration to be approved has also been shortened by 30% to 50%.

The Vietnamese government has introduced many pro-business policies, including revisions to value-added tax and corporate income tax. At the same time, in response to foreign companies applying to establish local companies, the government also sets a deadline for approval of applications to various agencies.

Not only after upgrading the automated cargo clearing system, extending the operating hours of customs, Vietnam’s import and export procedures have also been improved. The time for customs clearance has been shortened and the transparency of the customs clearance process has been improved.

The Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam continues to make recommendations, and the government is willing to adopt it to shape the country into an easier place to business.

Vietnam is cultivating talents cater to demand: due to a large number of cheap labor, its identity as a manufacturing exporter has gradually become widely known. The minimum monthly salary in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is only 3.9 million VND (about $172).

The World Bank report shows that more than 90% of the employed population in the country is literate, which is higher than other countries with similar economic growth.

Vietnam’s has well developed: the Vietnamese government has been promoting new projects and upgrading existing projects, such as highways and shipping ports.

Upgrade and build roads, bridges and railways; improve the power grid capacity and reliability of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City; build and develop industrial parks and centers; and expand existing port capacity.

As a result, the railway connection between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi has been improved and the country’s roads have been renovated. At the same time, the government has also built power plants.

Cooperate with experts in Vietnam: For companies that want to enter ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region, Vietnam has a rich business environment. However, before the investment is implemented, foreign investors and multinational companies must carry out appropriate and sophisticated audits, or cooperate with local experts such as YAXIN, more successfully register their company with local regulations.

According to YAXIN’s recent corporate compliance index research, Vietnam ranks eighth among 84 countries in the world. In order to enhance the country’s transparency, Vietnam has individually published and implemented specific legal documents for different areas, aiming to cater to global changes.

YAXIN Vietnam office can provide you with assistance in all aspects, including establishment of a company, accounting and reporting, corporate secretarial, human resources and salary services. We have offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

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